ALNIKA - Fedoskino lacquer painting.
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ALNIKA - Fedoskino lacquer painting.

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Alla Kozlova was born in Dmitrov in 1958 into an Artist's family.
She was taught miniature painting at Fedoskino Art School by P. Plakhov;
at the Art Factory she was guided by G. Larishev and S. Kozlov.
Alla is a member of the Russian Artists Union.

Allas’s works are recognized by elegance, love for light, tender coloring and wide use of mother-of-pearl effects.
Her miniatures always look festive. Her characters are carefree and a little doll looking.
All these images sincerely reflect the Artist’s state of mind when she creates her and fanciful world.

Her two sons and work is her life.
Nature and life inspire her for creation.
All her boxes, jewelry and drawings are made professionally and with love. 




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