Workshop Dubovik - woodcarving.
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Workshop Dubovik - woodcarving.

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Viktor Dubovik

Viktor was born in 1963, in Belaya Beryozka, Bryansk region.
After the service in the Army, he studied art at Bryansk Art College.
In 1989 he founded a company “Dubrava” (wooden furniture, wood carving for churches, folk craft)
where he worked as an art designer as well.
Since 1996 he has been a freelance Artist.
Together with his son, Evgeny,
he takes part in exhibitions and other art events in Russia and abroad. 



Old Moscow - aspen wood, wax polish and coloring
Price upon request

Petersburg Courtyard - woodcarving

Price: $6,480.00 USD
$ 6,480 USD

Product ID: 18795


Petersburg Courtyard - woodcarving

Price: $6,210.00 USD
$ 6,210 USD

Product ID: 18794


Petersburg Courtyard - woodcarving

Price: $5,670.00 USD
$ 5,670 USD

Product ID: 18793


Petersburg Courtyard - woodcarving

Price: $9,720.00 USD
$ 9,720 USD

Product ID: 18792


Winter Petersburg - wood carving

Price: $9,900.00 USD
$ 9,900 USD

Product ID: 18791


Old Town - woodcarving

Price: $31,000.00 USD
$ 31,000 USD

Product ID: 18790


Provincial Town - woodcarving

Price: $53,100.00 USD
$ 53,100 USD

Product ID: 18789


Equilibrium - woodcarving

Price: $10,125.00 USD
$ 10,125 USD

Product ID: 18788


City - woodcarving

Price: $32,000.00 USD
$ 32,000 USD

Product ID: 18775


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