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Krylova Natalia / paintings.

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I was born in Moscow during the time of rapid changes.
Everything was being transformed;
the money deposits of old people were turning into nothing,
but it was safe to let the child go out alone
and people still remained the same then.
I attended school far from home and got there by subway alone;
on Sunday I took classes at some art studio and in late evenings
I returned home alone without any fear.

My parents were not related to art until they had to because of me.
I was determined to become an artist,
and because of support of my family,
friends and teachers I achieved this goal.

When I create, the most important things for me are sincerity and dedication.
Plus the feeling of composition, good school, color harmony, the thought of the author
and something hidden from human’s eyes,
but known to feelings.

My creative trips are like the air for an Artist.
It means new impressions, being among co-workers, new sketches and ideas.
Working in the open air is in my nature.
With other Artists there we exchange skills and energy of nature painting.
But it is not leisure.
It means standing for a few hours in the same place,
concentration and emotional close attention in any weather conditions.
When I am on a visit in different cities, I enjoy painting,
because each city has its own face, history, architecture and people.




Deserted Place - oil, canvas

Price: $1,235.00 USD
$ 1,235 USD

Product ID: 19163


Alexandrovskaya Sloboda - oil, canvas

Price: $620.00 USD
$ 620 USD

Product ID: 19162


Before Christmas - oil, canvas

Price: $1,440.00 USD
$ 1,440 USD

Product ID: 19161


Golden Evening In Zakharovo - oil, canvas on carton

Price: $740.00 USD
$ 740 USD

Product ID: 19160


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