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Alexander Savelenko is a Russian Artist,
a member of Russia Artist’s Union,
a participant of numerous exhibitions at home and abroad,
a nominee of prestigious awards and competitions,
and one of the founders of the group “On the Earth”.

His works are housed in collections and museums in Russia and abroad.


"I was born in s sunny city of Rostov-on-the-Don. Perhaps,
living in this southern city influenced my works
as there is oftentimes sunny weather and warm colors of a summer day in them.
Also, this palette explains what the purpose of the art to my mind is -
to bring joy and esthetic delight.
Although, to prove my words,
there does not have to be a sunny and careless day in each painting.


The goal of my works is to discover for me and a viewer new sides in a simple landscape,
portrait or still life staying within realism.
This has been the main stream in Russian art and I do not think that it is worth straying away from it.
To show the mood in the painting is another goal,
and if a viewer could feel this, I can say, that such work is a success.
Also it is important, that the work is easily understood by not the artist only,
but the viewer as well.


The main source and theme for me is work in the open air
and in the old streets of the city.
Old Rostov is one of the most powerful sources for inspiration.

If I tried to characterize my style,
I would call it Russian impressionism.
Although, I take an individual approach to each work,
it all depends on a situation."













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