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“My artistic tasks are various, as various are themes which excite me.
It can be fairytales, and situations from life in which I was able to peep –
that is, I am inspired by both life and fantasy."



Sometimes, I read something and then I see something in life
which perfectly coincides with what I have just read,
and in this way an idea is born.

For inspiration I need both books and life.

It’s the same with portrait.
Even with landscape -
when I paint it, I also see an image and an idea in it.
Similarly, with still life I like finding some inner entity in objects to paint,
their life which somehow interweaves with the fantasies in my head,
but all based on what I see.
Art for me is the search of balance between what I see and my imagination.
People’s imagination itself can carry them somewhere and they may not find the way out.
But life is reality and truth which keeps my mind off delusions.

I always think about which artistic means to use in the work.
Sometimes the object itself prompts colors, manner and materials.
Sometimes it works in an opposite way.   

 I like all genres in art.
I devote myself to portrait, still life and landscape equally.
And most of all I like and am thrilled with genre portrait and genre picture.

    The main goal of my art is to image what I think.
Sometimes, to help in this, I use decorations,
generalizations and flattened forms trying to keep myself within realistic imaging of objects,
so that it is always understood which is which.

New ideas and thoughts are being created in my mind
and I hope that soon I will give them life through my art.

I was born in 1981 in Novoaltaisk, Altai Region. 
I studied at Children’s Art School, and then in 2000 I graduated from Novoaltaisk state Art College, department of design.
In 2008 I graduated from Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture department of painting and portrait.  
Since 2008, I have been a member of Podmoskovye Artist’s Union.  
Since 2010, I have been exhibiting my works with Altay Union of Traditions and Contemporary Times and since 2011,
with Russian Artist’s Union and with the organization ‘Time of the Young’.
In 2012 I was a nominee for the second place award in genre painting about railway in Soviet times
and contemporary Russia in all-Russia competition devoted to 175th jubilee of railway in Russia.
I regularly participate in exhibitions.


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