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Old Koshovka - oil, canvas
Romashko Evgeny

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Roshchina/Egorova Oksana

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“We admire the Art when it can talk in the language of life.
But most of all we admire life,
when it unknowingly talks in the language of true art.”
Thomas Mann.



I was born in 1972 in the city of Saransk.
In 1991 I graduated from Saransk Art College
named after F. Sychkov, department of artistic decoration.
For the next 17 years I did not have an opportunity to continue my way as an Artist.
Within this time, I got another education
not connected with the art and became an accountant.
But thanks to my husband,
in 2008 I was able to return to the art and since then I have been really happy.

Only now I do understand why I needed those 17 years off the art –
so that I could thank God every day for the chance to create,
dream and fly and live in the appreciation of each moment.


Roshchina-Egorova Oksana: The Artist And The Human Being









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