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Daria was born in 1960 in Leningrad.
From 1972 to 1978 she studied at school which was patronized by Institute
named after Y. Repin in which she studied from 1979 to 1985,
department of fine painting and composition
in the workshop of Professor B. Ugarov and V. Reikhet. 
During her assistantship years from 1985 to 1987
she kept studying with the professor B. Ugarov
and now she teaches fine art and composition I the same institute.
Her works are in the collections of Art Academy museum,
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
Management of art exhibitions of the Russian Federation
and private collections of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Barcelona.





Daria was among the best students of Professor B. Ugarov
and for long time her art was developing within the demands of her teacher. 
After 1992 the palette became lighter, brighter and added contrast.
The influence if impressionism added to her skills
developed in realistic school lead to success.
The Artist likes painting “a la prime”,
without following returning to the strokes.

Her still lives and landscapes strike with spontaneity and anomaly.
There are no bonds to her art, palette and compositions.
Experiment is the way to study the world and the art has many sides.





Her artistic manner is perfect to show hot air, bright light and vast space.
The thick strokes gain the enamel look under which the image of the country emerges.
Her landscapes are memories and ghostly visions of the places.

The still life shows the served table at different times and for different occasions.
The Artist does not align the objects;
she preserves the feeling of spontaneity and elegance.
The view of the table is a little above which creates an unusual perspective.

The Artist’s works are a combination of classical school
and her own understanding of traditions,
creative freedom and analyzing the laws of art,
as well as energy and harmony.








Herrings - oil, canvas

Price: $6,700.00 USD
$ 6,700 USD

Product ID: 20369


Holiday - oil, canvaS

Price: $13,300.00 USD
$ 13,300 USD

Product ID: 20368


Tray - oil, canvas

Price: $9,300.00 USD
$ 9,300 USD

Product ID: 20367


Winter - oil, canvas

Price: $1,800.00 USD
$ 1,800 USD

Product ID: 20366


Lemons. Evening - oil, canvas

Price: $7,900.00 USD
$ 7,900 USD

Product ID: 20365


Stairs - oil, canvas

Price: $7,600.00 USD
$ 7,600 USD

Product ID: 20364


At Easter - oil, canvas
Price upon request

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