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Dmitriev Sergey

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I am an Artist who paints lacquer miniature.  
I am one of a dynasty -
my grandfather and great grandfather painted
and they passed the love for it to me.
As every child, I loved reading fairy tales and then
transferred them onto paper.
When you do it, it is as if you get into the fairytale,
into another world, just use your imagination.  
I still love painting fairytales
and I am happy when my works are enjoyed by others.





I also like walking with photo camera to take pictures of nature,
forest, different cities, and then to paint all this.
Recently, I have taken to graphics – ink and technical pen,
I like it very much when the works appear to be good.





I am a member of Artist Union of Russia. 
Some of my works took their place in museum collections in Russia.

I enjoy being an Artist, being able to see the beauty and to pass it to others.
And if my works bring joy to others, it is the best I can wish for.





Kholui lacquer painting










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