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It is believed that autumn is a special season for creative people.
I am not an exception. I like autumn very much. I was even born in this season.
And it is in autumn that something good always happens:
whether it is inspiration from the bright colors of the nature, or long cold rains,
or birch tree bark with which I work and which has golden-brown hues resembling fallen autumn leaves.

In one word, it is the best season which in my artistic life repeats itself year by year.

I was born and grew up in Lipetsk, and more than 30 years I lived in Siberia.
Since 2010 I have been living in Moscow. And I, originated from Lipetsk and Siberian by spirit,
took a while to understand my true call.
For 16 years already I have been doing the temple art creating Orthodox icons from the birch tree bark.



When I once saw a small birch bark holy image, I thought -
why not make a beautiful icon, as big as in the temple,
so that people would want to come to it and share their joy and sorrow.

My first icon was Crist Pantocrator. It looked ancient, as if it had been kept somewhere for a few centuries.
Later, I tried to do something like this, but without success.
Each work is unrepeatable. Even if you make two works with the same face, they come out different.
In 2000 I got the blessing from the Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk and Berdsk. And now I live and create to the glory of God.

Many people ask me how I create such wonderful images.
Who knows what or Who leads us in lives?
When I work on the icon, I am never really satisfied with the result,
but after some time I return to my creation and am surprised and astonished with the work -
as if it was not made by me but by Someone with the help of my hands.

All my icons are made in Orthodox canon tradition. I do not know how many I have created for these years.
Many of them are now in temples and with people; my works are also in museums and private collections abroad.

The icon by itself brings good energy, and the icon made of birch bark brings twice as much.
Perhaps, the God by this path leads me to the strong real belief with which nothing can compare in this world.

One cannot understand Orthodoxy and be a convinced atheist,
but one cannot be indifferent to the beautiful whether it is an icon,
church with the golden domes or a Russian landscape behind  the window.

Icon is the soul, beauty, life and love.




Virgin Of Bethlehem - icon: birch bark
Price upon request

Holy Mother Of God The Unfading Flower - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $2,970.00 USD
$ 2,970 USD

Product ID: 21086


Intercession Of The Theotokos - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 21085


Holy Blessed Xenia Of Saint-Petersburg - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 21084


Christ Pantocrator - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 21082


Holy Mother Of God Jerusalem Chalice - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 21081


Holy Mother Of God Inexhaustible Chalice - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $3,100.00 USD
$ 3,100 USD

Product ID: 21080


Theotokos Fyodorovskaya - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $2,700.00 USD
$ 2,700 USD

Product ID: 21079


Saint Blessed Prince Peter And Princes Fevronia - icon: birch bark, natural stones
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Saint Blessed Seraphim Of Sarov - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $2,160.00 USD
$ 2,160 USD

Product ID: 21077


Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky - icon: birch bark, natural stones

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 21075


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