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Volya Aleksandr

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I graduated from Krivoy Rog University with the degree in Arts.
Since 1990 I have been professionally doing graphics and easel painting.
I am not a member of any Artist organization; I do not need it. I only love to paint.

Unlike photographs, paintings add a richer and classier look to homes.
I will gladly make any picture you want from photograph (landscape, portrait, animals, and still life)
to decorate your home or to make a wonderful gift to the ones you care about.
All I need is a decent quality photo or a few photos, and within 10 days your order will be complete.





The Horse - oil, canvas

Price: $180.00 USD
$ 180 USD

Product ID: 21309


The Beauty - oil, canvas

Price: $180.00 USD
$ 180 USD

Product ID: 21308


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