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Bagdasaryan Sati
Bagdasaryan Sati
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Bagdasaryan Sati

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As far as I remember myself, I have loved fine painting.
I love painting above all.
I want people to understand my works, to like what I do,
because I paint not only for myself.
I want to become and artist like Claude Monnet,
he is my most favorite one.
I was born in Armenia, in 1995.
I do not like talking about myself,
I like it when people look at my paintings and understand me through them.
I want to become a great artist.
And, of course, I adore and love cats.



Autumn - watercolor, acrylic, black ink

Price: $675.00 USD
$ 675 USD

Product ID: 21486


Sketch - watercolor, acrylic, black ink

Price: $745.00 USD
$ 745 USD

Product ID: 21485


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