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Khizhnyaks Dmitriy and Nataliya

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As a boy, I studied in the art school, liked watercolors.
As all boys he wanted to be strong
and secretly from parents did some boxing.
After school I wanted to become an art conservator,
but when I saw lacquer miniature of Fedoskino,
I changed his mind and entered the art College.
My graduation work is in the museum of Fedoskino.
I design new shapes of boxes.
I do some art conservation as well;
I worked in the State Historical Museum.
Our works will remain for the future generation,
which means the piece of me too.
I will be glad if you like them.


As long as I remember myself,
I have always painted, even beginning from the kindergarten.
Although I was an active child as well;
all trees, snow hills, sports grounds were mine.
I also liked singing and dancing.
At the age of 14 I was taken to an excursion to Fedoskino.
Upon returning, I started painting everything I could remember from memory.
The miniature appealed to me so much!
A year later I entered Fedoskino College and this way my creative life began.

I put the piece of my soul into each work,
my memory and feelings.
Everything influences my art.
And when someone likes my works,
it is alike someone touched me through my work.
It is so pleasant to bring joy to people when they touch the art.


Dmitry and I have been acquainted for more than 30 years.
We studied in the same course; we have many things in common.
We both like travelling and discovering something new,
there is the place where we grew our own garden.
Dmitry is into bee-keeping, he does everything with his hands.
We like theatre and exhibitions.
We also participate in exhibitions ourselves in Russia and abroad.
Our works are mainly in private collections.



Thumbelina - box with a tray, Fedoskino lacquer technique
Price upon request

Portrait Of Woman - papier-mache, oil, lacquer, filigree

Price: $2,565.00 USD
$ 2,565 USD

Product ID: 21636


Coming Of Spring - box: papier-mache, oil, lacquer, gold leaf, mother of pearl

Price: $1,080.00 USD
$ 1,080 USD

Product ID: 21634


Travellers - box: papier-mache, oil, lacquer, filigree

Price: $1,755.00 USD
$ 1,755 USD

Product ID: 21633


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