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I was born on a new year’s night, ten minutes after 1966 started,
in a small town in the Urals with the name of Sverdlovsk-44.
In 1978 my family moved to Lithuania.
There, at the age of 14, I started drawing with a teacher.
She insisted on my attempt to enter Middle Art School and Repin Institute,
the attempt was successful and this defined my future life.





After graduating from the Art Academy in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg)
with a profession of Architect Artist in 1992,
I decided to exclude architecture from my sphere of creation
and to concentrate on the second part -
to become an Artist.
The huge place in my art is given to the city in which I live and work.
Saint-Petersburg is the starting point for speculation about
what is around me and what is inside me.





From 1992 to today I have been painting, drawing,
and expressing my emotions, thoughts,
my perception of the world on paper,
using variety of a traditional set of art - from pencil to oil.
I do not limit myself to only one genre and style
and I never stay in the same style in which I am working at the moment.
It is not the point for me.
An opportunity to be beyond limits is the main condition for moving forward.


















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