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I had no choice.
When I (and then my brother) was born, father decided to make Artists out of us. 
As soon as I could sit, I was given a pencil with an order “Draw!”
Dad even invented the whole system which he called “the game of scrawl” and taught us a lot.
Then there were Art College and Academy.





I think that my dad’s desire was the same as God’s.
There can be something like this -
parents want the child to become a violinist, but the child is all into cars.
There can be a break in destiny, there are many of such people
who realize that half of life they have been doing wrong things.





The path of an Artist is not simple.
From the side it can seem that an artist is somewhere in the clouds,
joyful about everything and is in permanent ecstasy (or drunk) creating his “immortal” works.
But it is all very far from reality.
The real creativity is the great Work all your life long.  
It is constant dissatisfaction, search, striving
to make it better than it was before. 







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