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I was born in Saint Petersburg in 1971. I started to draw when I was a child.
My mother was a musician and taught me music, and when she said that it was time to practice lessons or sit at the piano,
I always answered with one phrase: “Good, now, only a little bit else I draw.”
Since that time I have plunged into the world of work, and in many respects it has defined my life.
My pictures are mostly faces of people because I’m interested in the feelings and private world of the person.
In 1989 I was admitted into a class at the Saint Petersburg Spiritual Academy and Seminary.
Here I made an important acquaintance: the wonderful teacher and the finest person, Sergey Ivanovich Golubev.
Sergey Ivanovich was the leading restorer of Russian Museum and a very skilled expert in the field of icon-painting techniques.
But his training was not limited only to development of a technical side of painting of icons.
More important, he taught his students this reverent attitude to an icon,
understanding that it should be a display of the Divine Image, and something worthy of deep awe. 
And we understood that to come close to this pure divine world,
the icon painter should work tirelessly, both on his skills and on his spiritual self.
Sergey Ivanovich has left an indelible print in my outlook and attitude,
and owing to it icon-painting became not only my business, but also my sense of being.




After a while the noise and vanity of the big city began to weigh on me,
and I moved to Pechora, a city in which is located the ancient Pskovo-Pechersky monastery.
This ancient life surrounded by nature is better suited to the work of an icon-painter.
There I could get acquainted with many surprising, spiritual people whose dialog I found enlightening.
Since then years have passed, I live in our silent small town
and have passed my knowledge and talent to my two sons, Timothy and Daniel.
I try to help them see in their art the bright beauty of or world,
and I try to see in the world more occasions for pleasure. 
For about two years I have worked in Holy Trinity monastery, where I have done design work
and the writing of an iconostasis for churches in honor of Christmas
(seen in a picture below) and a number of other works.
During the same period I conducted a workshop in which
I trained the brotherhood icon-painting techniques and techniques of gilding.
For the time being I am busy writing icons on custom orders.
Customers frequently ask for copies from known ancient samples.



My creative credo: It’s not acceptable to do icon-painting as a craft.
The present icon is always the result of a creative, spiritual search by the author, even when done from a catalog.
The icon painter should wield a skillful brush, but the brush is only a minor tool,
and the basic work occurs thanks to the mobilization of all internal spiritual and creative power of the artist.




Alexey The Martyr - icon
Price upon request

Enthroned Madonna - icon:
Price upon request

Saint Macarius Of Egypt - icon
Price upon request

Glikofilussa - icon
Price upon request

The Annunciation Of Ustyug - icon
Price upon request

Eleusa - icon
Price upon request

Hodegetria - icon
Price upon request

Nicholas The Wonder Worker - icon
Price upon request

Saint Apostles And Evangelists Peter And Paul - icon
Price upon request

Saint Apostle And Evangelist Luka - icon
Price upon request

Saint Dmitry Of Solun - icon
Price upon request

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