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Luchanova Polina

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She is like a ray of light in the palette of artists.
Her gift is also the love for Russian land, its people and especially children.

Brought up in the academic tradition, she still can be contemporary.
Portrait is her favorite genre.
Beautiful and dear faces look at us from her portraits.
The theme of old Rus makes the viewer thing about keeping the traditions and remember from where we are.



Children are the special theme in her world.

Being a mother of four children, she could not leave this theme out.
When you look on her paintings of children you will see the unlimited world of mother’s love.

Love for her Russia, children, relations and friends fill in the paintings of this Master.



Please, also see Polina's husband artworks: 

Luchanov Dmitry



Still Life


Genre Scene






Graphics, watercolors, pastels





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