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Arutunyan Grant

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Born in Erevan, Armenia.
He grew in a family where the art had been viewed as one of the most necessary
and important conditions of development and bringing up a harmonic personality.
His great grandfather, a famous artist Karlos Kazaryan,
got his education in the Imperial Academy of Art in Saint-Petersburg,
and then taught at Moscow Academic Institute of Art named after Surikov.




The influence of the great grandfather and grandfather was important in the choice of future profession
and development of the view of the world, style and taste in art.
Grant was lucky to have been the student of Alexander Ovsepyan. 
In 2006 he entered Erevan State Art Academy,
graduated it with honor and received a Master degree in 2011.

Grant has mastered various techniques of Renaissance,
impressionism and postimpressionism, works in different spheres of art –
painting, graphic, etching, fresco, sculpture, etc.
His works were presented in Art Academy gallery in 2011, 
and are in collections in Russia and abroad. 




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