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Hi, I’m Yelena Dyumin,
both a professional artist and art educator.
The creation and refinement of my unique style has been something I’ve spent decades perfecting my craft
and unique style with its whimsical humour, textural sensitivity and vibrant sense of colour.
Although I’m a current resident of Sydney, Australia, I was born and raised in Omsk, Russia.
As a result of this mixed culture, my aim has been to blend my eclectic background in European art,
experiences, and classics with the fresh Australian colours of both life and nature I’ve come to find.





I’m most passionate about painting and drawing and have been involved with the two since childhood.
I’ve always loved the experience of losing myself in thought and diving into the world of art and imagination.
This creative introspection allows me to produce art that is not only beautiful, but one-of-a-kind.
I’ve been told again and again that this uncanny ability to illustrate the exceptional beauty
of everyday life is what makes my artwork lovable. 




I am a highly educated and experienced artist as well as an accomplished lecturer specializing in painting, graphics, and art history/theory.
I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting at Omsk State University, with First Class Honours.
About a year later, I began my 14 year career as a lecturer in Fine Arts at the same university.
During that time, from 1992 -1994, I took an Advanced Master Course in Fine Arts at the Repin State Academic Institute
for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg, Russia
as well as a Professional Fine Arts Master Class at V.I. Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow, Russia.




Three Wishes - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,375.00 USD
$ 3,375 USD

Product ID: 23422


Their Secrets - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,500.00 USD
$ 3,500 USD

Product ID: 23421


Magic Nights - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,270.00 USD
$ 3,270 USD

Product ID: 23420


Mademoiselle Butterfly - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,750.00 USD
$ 3,750 USD

Product ID: 23419


Golden Venus III - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,645.00 USD
$ 3,645 USD

Product ID: 23418


Golden Venus II - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,465.00 USD
$ 3,465 USD

Product ID: 23417


Golden Venus I - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,645.00 USD
$ 3,645 USD

Product ID: 23416


Face To Face - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,840.00 USD
$ 3,840 USD

Product ID: 23415


Dreamtime Jazz - mixed media, canvas

Price: $3,580.00 USD
$ 3,580 USD

Product ID: 23414


City Jungle - mixed media, canvas

Price: $6,480.00 USD
$ 6,480 USD

Product ID: 23412


Carnival - acrylic, canvas

Price: $3,900.00 USD
$ 3,900 USD

Product ID: 23411


Above The Clouds - acrylic, canvas

Price: $1,890.00 USD
$ 1,890 USD

Product ID: 23410


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