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Kutsachenko Andrey

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Born in 1982 in Kiev.
Finished State Art School named after T. Shevchenko
and graduated from National Academy of Art and Architecture.
I am a member of National Union of Artists in the Ukraine.

I cannot do without painting.
Financially I can, but then I do not feel adequate.
I think that the person must do what he studied for
and what he likes and this is what I do.




River - oil, canvas

Price: $1,350.00 USD
$ 1,350 USD

Product ID: 23610


Spring In The Village - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 23609


High Waters - oil, canvas

Price: $810.00 USD
$ 810 USD

Product ID: 23608


Spring Forest - oil, canvas

Price: $810.00 USD
$ 810 USD

Product ID: 23607


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