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Chekalin Evgeny
Chekalin Evgeny
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Born in 1946 in  Gorkovskaya region.

When I was a child, some painting with fruits made a great impression on me
and since that time as if some mechanism turned on and I started painting.
Then there was art school, college and work as an art director.
In 2000 I quit my job and had more time for painting.
Since then I started asking myself questions like -- what is art,
why do artists choose this or that style,
where are there many styles, what is visual language, etc.



I could not receive higher education so I have to find answers to some questions by myself.
The book of J. Rewald “History of impressionism” had influence on me
and I switched to impressionism from realism
and began to understand the critical attitude to it by many critics and artists.

My view on these  two styles is like this:

Realism is a room restricted by rules and traditions.
Impressionism is a large world which is beyond this room
and gives opportunities to discover new ways,
experiment and sets free the artist’s fantasy.

Oftentimes I can hear that art is out of need.
I do not agree.  
First of all, the art is of need to the artist and those who surround him.
For an artist it is a necessity, expression of love for life and beauty of the world.
I love life, sun and light due to which we can see colors.
I prefer color in my work as I consider it the main element of painting
which influences feelings the most.




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