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At the times when so called “actual” art is widely spread,
each new artist wants to be bolder and more original than those who were before him.
An art lover when hearing a new name would ask «What will he surprise us with?”
The art of Anton has nothing provoking and shocking,
he is an artist of a good realistic school,
his works descend to Russian impressionists such as V. Serov and K. Korovin
and his landscapes follow the traditions of Moscow landscape school.



Anton was born in 1987 in Tula.
At the age of 7 he was given to the school at monastery.
He tried painting at the first time with the image of Christ
which was so good that this defined his future path
and the main stream of his art- portraits. 
He studied in Moscow in Russian Art Academy named after I. Glazunov,
which is now nearly the only academy
which follows the traditions of old European and Russian realistic school.

By this time, Anton has had many exhibitions and architectural projects, 
he is working with decorative and applied art,
​doing research work and he is still in constant search.



Painting is the main devotion of the Artist.
His works do not require explanations,
it is easy to feel what the artist felt and wanted to say.
Simple themes are eternal;
impression of what was seen is transferred onto the canvas skillfully.
Anton shows a piece of the world as it is,
and there is nothing as beautiful as the world;
there is no need to invent anything about it. 





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The Oldest Resident Of The Forest - oil, canvas

Price: $945.00 USD
$ 945 USD

Product ID: 27200


Pines. Polenovo - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 27199


Old Tree - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 27198


Still Life With Tula Samovar - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Alps - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Voronezhka - oi,canvas
Price upon request

May Easter - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Ladoga Lake - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Apple Spas - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Dacha Still Life - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Peonies - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Summer Still Life With A Melon - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Phloxes - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Third Spas - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Shrovetide - oil, canvas

Price: $3,645.00 USD
$ 3,645 USD

Product ID: 25693


Slovenia - oil, canvas

Price: $4,320.00 USD
$ 4,320 USD

Product ID: 25268


Cabbage - oil, canvas

Price: $1,370.00 USD
$ 1,370 USD

Product ID: 25267


Knight - oil, canvas

Price: $2,295.00 USD
$ 2,295 USD

Product ID: 25266


Ancient-Russian Warrior - oil, canvas

Price: $2,970.00 USD
$ 2,970 USD

Product ID: 25265


Portrait In The Costume Of The 15th Century - oil, canvas

Price: $1,890.00 USD
$ 1,890 USD

Product ID: 25264


Portrait In The Marquita Costume - oil, canvas

Price: $1,620.00 USD
$ 1,620 USD

Product ID: 25263


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