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Old Koshovka - oil, canvas
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It is not convenient to speak of oneself,
as it is easy to make up something.
To mention numbers and dates is boring.
It is better to talk about what is dear - art.

Having numerous things is taken for granted
and the look often misses them.
If sometimes I manage to make alive things and space,
to humanize reality, to make hands, mind and heart skillful
and to stretch the threads of connections of image,
it means that I do not paint in vain.
May be something of this will touch you.





Spring Still Life - oil, canvas

Price: $1,000.00 USD
$ 1,000 USD

Product ID: 23916


Rain. Room - oil, canvas

Price: $2,400.00 USD
$ 2,400 USD

Product ID: 23915


Village Kvas - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Palette - oil, canvas

Price: $800.00 USD
$ 800 USD

Product ID: 23913


Peonies - oil, canvas

Price: $1,200.00 USD
$ 1,200 USD

Product ID: 23912


Nikolsky Cathedral - oil, canvas

Price: $400.00 USD
$ 400 USD

Product ID: 23911


Cloud Over The Sea - oil, paper on ply board

Price: $280.00 USD
$ 280 USD

Product ID: 23910


Out Of The Window - oil, cardboard

Price: $60.00 USD
$ 60 USD

Product ID: 23909


Pink Interior - oil, cardboard

Price: $80.00 USD
$ 80 USD

Product ID: 23908


Morning. Sketch - oil, cardboard

Price: $80.00 USD
$ 80 USD

Product ID: 23907


Chamomiles - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Dancing Hall - oil, canvas

Price: $400.00 USD
$ 400 USD

Product ID: 23905


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