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I was born in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, in 1960.
Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming an artist,
but the dream seemed unachievable.
After high school I received college education in fashion design,
which provided me with the basic training in drawing and composition.

  I used to appreciate the art done by the masters of painting from around the world 
and see the abyss that separated my abilities and skills from theirs. 


A long period of my life took me away from art as I raised my two children.
 In 2004, after moving to the US,
I recognized a new opportunity for artistic expression.
With no formal education in arts,
I started along that path simultaneously
with photography, poetry and painting.
Art classes, workshops and private lessons
from professional painters helped me overcome my timidity.




From 2005 to 2008, I was a member of the Pastel Society of Arkansas (PSArk),
participated in exhibitions and received Best of Show and several Honorable Mention awards.
I start working in oils in 2009.
The biggest influences in my work are the painters of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I see my style as impressionistic.
My continuing desire to learn and to develop my style guides me
in this exciting journey through the world of colors and emotions.




Monrepo. Early Snow - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 24013


Cherry - oil, primed board

Price: $400.00 USD
$ 400 USD

Product ID: 24012


Autumn Tea - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

August First - oil, linen

Price: $400.00 USD
$ 400 USD

Product ID: 24010


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