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Muravyova Alexandra

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Born in 1975.
Graduated from Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University
as Artist of restoration.
Since 2000 has been working at
icon making workshop of Zachatyevsky monastery in Moscow.

Takes part in creating altars and icon holders
of various Orthodox temples and in restoration of wall-painted icons.





Saint Mathew - icon

Price: $1,000.00 USD
$ 1,000 USD

Product ID: 24111


Fyodorov Mother Of God - icon
Price upon request

Mother Of God - icon

Price: $745.00 USD
$ 745 USD

Product ID: 24109


Copy Of Icon Duccio

Price: $7,425.00 USD
$ 7,425 USD

Product ID: 24108


Adam And Eve - restoration
Price upon request

Vladimir Mother Of God - restoration
Price upon request

Mother Of God Eternal Flower - restoration
Price upon request

Icon Of St. Nicolas - restoration
Price upon request

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