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Unnoticeably day by day in contradictions my life goes on.
But there happens a moment when suddenly the soul wakes up.

 You walk along the street in some mood and whether it is breeze
and half-known smell, or an accord and a half-forgotten melody,
or something similar to half-dream and you cannot understand what has happened.
Same houses, same people but something did happen.
By inertness you carry your body along the lane and your soul, dissolving in time,
is in another inconceivable depth which cannot be named.
And you feel bliss because at the same moment you realize that this is the very core.





Night Sitters - oil, canvas

Price: $4,050.00 USD
$ 4,050 USD

Product ID: 26132


Passerby - oil, canvas

Price: $5,130.00 USD
$ 5,130 USD

Product ID: 26131


The Yard Keeper House - oil, canvas

Price: $2,750.00 USD
$ 2,750 USD

Product ID: 25540


Cloudy Edge - oil, canvas

Price: $4,800.00 USD
$ 4,800 USD

Product ID: 25539


Yard In Zlatoustinsky Lane - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Old Yard - oil, canvas

Price: $1,750.00 USD
$ 1,750 USD

Product ID: 24478


Alley - oil, canvas

Price: $3,000.00 USD
$ 3,000 USD

Product ID: 24477


Falling Snow - oil, canvas

Price: $2,200.00 USD
$ 2,200 USD

Product ID: 24476


Arch In Pechatnikov Lane - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Yard In Gusyatnikov Lane - oil, canvas

Price: $2,650.00 USD
$ 2,650 USD

Product ID: 24474


Dream - oil, canvas
Price upon request

House Of A. Tarkovsky - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Bridges - oil, canvas

Price: $2,000.00 USD
$ 2,000 USD

Product ID: 24471


Provincial Station - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

October - oil, canvas
Price upon request

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