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Born in 1960 in Privolzhsk, Ivanonskaya region, Russia.
In 1980 graduated from Ivanovo Art College,
in 1993 became a member of Artists’ Union of Russia, i
n 2008 of a Creative Artists’ Union of Russia.
Participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The Artist makes many trips from which
he returns with numerous sketches and finished works.

For many years the artist has been living in one of
the most picturesque cities of Russia-Plyos,
where Isaak Levitan painted his most famous works.



Vladimir also prefers landscapes keeping the best traditions
of Russian landscape painting.
“I feel the air with my skin and experience
the thrill from waving of branches, flowing of the river,
rustle of the dry grass, tenderness of the pussy willow,
silver or golden sparkles on the river surface”.
These are the feelings he transfers to his paintings.

His works do not have exaggerated details,
made up accents and yelling out color spots.
Everything is in harmony.
That is the reason why visitors at the exhibition do not pass quickly
by his works but stop at each painting and return again and again. 



His portraits are also excellent.
The Artist works at each one long and thoroughly trying to find the best in the person,
which is reflected in the eyes and facial expression.
People who were portrayed by Vladimir admit that with time wonderful things happen to them.
They say that the presence of the portrait in the house makes them better,
as if the Artist transfers them the peace of mind and harmony in soul.
And there is no other way, as the Artist himself is a very kind and positive person.



Quiet Morning - oil, canvas

Price: $1,850.00 USD
$ 1,850 USD

Product ID: 26472


At The Lake. Karelia - oil, canvas

Price: $3,970.00 USD
$ 3,970 USD

Product ID: 26471


Blooming Apple Trees - oil, acryllic

Price: $2,380.00 USD
$ 2,380 USD

Product ID: 26470


Autumn Still Life - oil, canvas

Price: $2,380.00 USD
$ 2,380 USD

Product ID: 26469


Passing Away - oil, canvas

Price: $2,645.00 USD
$ 2,645 USD

Product ID: 26468


Sunflower - oil, canvas

Price: $2,000.00 USD
$ 2,000 USD

Product ID: 26467


Morning At The Oka - oil, canvas

Price: $2,645.00 USD
$ 2,645 USD

Product ID: 26466


Good Morning, Old One - oil, canvas

Price: $1,850.00 USD
$ 1,850 USD

Product ID: 26465


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