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Born in 1982 in Serdobsk , Penza region.
It is a small industrial town with the population of 40,000.
The connection between old and new is sharper
when you see an old church in the center of the town with new-type buildings.

Elena graduated from Penza Art College
named after Savitsky in 2002.
After marriage to the artist Andrey Vilkov,
the couple moved to Serdobsk where Elena successfully tries to find time
for art between numerous women’s chores.
In 2008 she became and member of artists’ Union of Russia.


Elena’s artistic manner is both traditional and individual.
She demonstrates feeling of color and energy.
Her works carry the positive source no matter what she paints.

Her large finished works are mainly in the genre
of still life depicting life through objects.
There is always presence of a human in such works
which show the life people.
Oftentimes these are old things which carry the past
and help us feel the movement of time and complexity of life paths.




In Fragrant Spring - oil, canvas

Price: $600.00 USD
$ 600 USD

Product ID: 26561


Spring Water - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 26560


Summer Moving Towards July - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 26559


Birch Trees - oil, canvas

Price: $745.00 USD
$ 745 USD

Product ID: 26558


Evening In Kotor Bay - oil, canvas

Price: $475.00 USD
$ 475 USD

Product ID: 26557


Women Chores - oil, canvas

Price: $1,350.00 USD
$ 1,350 USD

Product ID: 26556


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