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I am an Artist.
The love for art was brought up in me by my parents.
As I was born to an Artists’ family in the sunny Crimea near Evpatoria,
I could watch the process of painting creating when I was a child.

 I was a very energetic child, was into archery, sawing,
choir and my energy was enough for everything.
Later I entered the Art College named after Samikosh in Simferopol.
There I realized that being an artist was my true path
and it brings joy to me and other people.
I fell in love with paints.
Later, I entered Art Academy in Kharkov,
learned from masters who inspired me and helped to achieve good results
and knowledge in painting, composition and drawing.
I became a member of Artists’ Union of the Ukraine
and now I live and work in a scenic city of Lvov.




Gurzuf - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 26587


Old Town - oil, canvas

Price: $880.00 USD
$ 880 USD

Product ID: 26586


Staroevrejskaya Street - oil, canvas

Price: $165.00 USD
$ 165 USD

Product ID: 26585


Newlyweds - oil, canvas
Price upon request

September - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Beach - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Cafe Near Diana - oil, canvas

Price: $340.00 USD
$ 340 USD

Product ID: 26581


Sunny Day - oil, canvas

Price: $840.00 USD
$ 840 USD

Product ID: 26580


Favorite Square - oil, canvas

Price: $860.00 USD
$ 860 USD

Product ID: 26579


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