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It is interesting to watch the life through painting.

At the early period of my creative life I was closer to realism.
But at some moment, perhaps,
it has to do with growing experience in my personality
I developed a feeling that realism is not interesting for me anymore.
I wanted to talk about my feelings, thought, experience,
to show more of emotions than of descriptions –
“here is a beautiful rock, and here is the sea”.
And this desire brought me to impressionism, or, better to say,
expressionism bordering realism.



The painter is the one who cannot but paint,
it is impossible to “have a rest from work” .
If I do not have desire to work at the workshop,
I go on trips in the Crimea, take photos,
and walk in picturesque places of the city.
It is not a rest but preparation for future works,
I remember interesting color combinations
and compositional solutions.
It all goes to paintings later.





My Woman - oil, canvas

Price: $2,160.00 USD
$ 2,160 USD

Product ID: 26596


Water Of Life - oil, canvas

Price: $1,620.00 USD
$ 1,620 USD

Product ID: 26595


Apples Of Youth - oil, canvas, cardboard

Price: $2,430.00 USD
$ 2,430 USD

Product ID: 26594


Gurzuf Motif - oil, fireboard

Price: $1,215.00 USD
$ 1,215 USD

Product ID: 26593


Bereginya - oil, canvas, gold leaf

Price: $3,510.00 USD
$ 3,510 USD

Product ID: 26592


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