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Born in 1964 in Rostov-on-the-Don.
His parents were from common families far form art
but they did not object to Vladimir’s interest in painting.
Father did not think that art could be the way to earn for the living
and was really surprised when found out that Vladimir did succeed in this.
Although his parents could not prompt him how to achieve the profession of an artist,
Vladimir himself discovered the ways - first it was Children’s Art School.
He was determined to become an Artist.
Being a teenager, he got acquainted with a professional artist
who gave him some lessons, answered some important questions
and sparkled his interest even more.
After school he began his career as mosaic-tile worker
and a decoration artist at some factory.
He entered Art College named after Grekov in 1985
from which he successfully graduated in 1989.



At the college he got married and later, in difficult 90-ies,
he had to support his family by working occasionally anywhere,
for example painting bridges.
His friends made jokes that the team for such job
was highly creative - artists, poets and musicians.
But even in most difficult times he never dropped painting.
Being a person of a curious mind
he had always studied the art of the great masters of the past.  
His is not really interested in modern search in art,
but the love and respect he has for Aivazovsky, Andrew Wyeth and others.
Vladimir achieved mastership in painting seascapes and is valued as a marine Artist.
He has been interested in the shape and form of surrounding objects
and to their materialization on the paper,
he fills his still lives with small objects
and uses the old Masters’ technique for this.
Vladimir’s works have philosophical meaning;
he is interested in ancient myths, legend and stories.
He lives in a village near Rostov which corresponds to his mind.




Seagull Over The Wave - oil, canvas

Price: $1,000.00 USD
$ 1,000 USD

Product ID: 26613


Breakwater - oil, canvas

Price: $920.00 USD
$ 920 USD

Product ID: 26612


Winter On The Myortvy Donets - oil, wood panel, gesso

Price: $810.00 USD
$ 810 USD

Product ID: 26611


Forgotten Bridge - oil, wood panel, gesso

Price: $510.00 USD
$ 510 USD

Product ID: 26610


White-headed - oil, wood panel, gesso

Price: $1,525.00 USD
$ 1,525 USD

Product ID: 26609


Agincourt - oil, canvas

Price: $1,830.00 USD
$ 1,830 USD

Product ID: 26608


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