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The choice of my future can be explained
by the short quote from David Weiss
“the one becomes an Artist not because the one likes it,
but because the one has no other choice”

My grandmother and mother adored Artists.
My mom took me to all possible exhibitions
and attended the lectures on art history.
I spent hours watching those magnificent works,
most of all I liked impressionists and Japanese prints.

 At the age of 6 I enrolled Art School.
I was little and it seemed that everyone painted like geniuses.
In despair that I could not paint like them
I ran out of the classroom and cried.
To be honest, even now I can cry
over the painting which does not yield to me.


Later a wonderful teacher came into my life
and inspired me making me work think and read Chekhov.
He organized my first personal exhibition when I was 13 years old.
It was then when I read the book by David Weiss “Naked came I”
about Auguste Rodin and made my decision to enter the Art College.

They were the brightest and carefree years full of painting,
experiments, first discoveries and success.
There I met my husband-to-be who became
my support and inspiration.
Together we entered the Art Academy.
All the time we travelled and painted without proper funding. 
From nowhere came opportunities,
we won competitions, were invited to plain airs.
One of examples: I had always dreamt to visit Venice
and spent my honey moon in Italy.
And the day after our wedding the phone rang.

” Are you Katerina Spirtus? “
“Yes”, I reply.
“My husband is in love with your works
and wants to offer you a personal exhibition in Italy,
would you agree?”

What could I say?
“Of course! I got married yesterday
and would like to make this exhibition with my husband.”
So we had our honey moon in Italy and painted a lot of works.

All my life built of such things; life brings gifts and nice people.
All this fulfills me and becomes my treasure.


If I were asked what inspires me the most,
I would say without hesitation – people.
I like and appreciate people who come into my life.
They influence me and I got inspiration from them
and share my thoughts and doubts.
At difficult moments a few friendly words
are enough to make me take the brush.
People do inspire me with their achievements
and I want to become better and paint more.

There is a miracle in my life - my daughter Eve
who does not let me stay in one place
and who makes me change and grow.
After her birth, I my paintings took
on a different content and impression.
There is more tranquility and wisdom and fewer emotions.


To be a mother and an Artist is a hard task, but there appear new unknown sources for this.
Together we paint, read, observe, and visit exhibitions... And it reminds me of my own childhood…




Passing Summer - oil, canvas

Price: $1,350.00 USD
$ 1,350 USD

Product ID: 26632


Yacht Club - oil, canvas

Price: $1,755.00 USD
$ 1,755 USD

Product ID: 26631


Morning By The Sea - oil, canvas

Price: $1,620.00 USD
$ 1,620 USD

Product ID: 26630


Silence - oil, canvas

Price: $945.00 USD
$ 945 USD

Product ID: 26629


Eves Dream - oil, canvas

Price: $2,025.00 USD
$ 2,025 USD

Product ID: 26628


Sunny Terrace - oil, canvas

Price: $945.00 USD
$ 945 USD

Product ID: 26627


Calmness - oil, canvas

Price: $2,025.00 USD
$ 2,025 USD

Product ID: 26626


Breath Of The Autumn - oil, canvas

Price: $1,215.00 USD
$ 1,215 USD

Product ID: 26625


Wind From The Sea - oil, canvas

Price: $675.00 USD
$ 675 USD

Product ID: 26624


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