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Old Koshovka - oil, canvas
Romashko Evgeny

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Born, grew up and received education in Moscow,
but the life and art are connected with Russian village as it is bow -
its people leave and sometimes other people replace them.
The couture and architecture are rapidly
dissolving in the contemporary civilization,
which makes the Russian province individual.
But there is no bad without good, this inspired to fix the going away
beauty and find interesting in the new.

Most part of my works is landscapes.
Where there are no village houses, there are fragmented tiny motifs
reflecting the nature of Middle Russia,
touching the heart with something which seems unimportant.  
And it makes you think how to create something like this on the canvas. 




Wood Lake - oil, canvas

Price: $770.00 USD
$ 770 USD

Product ID: 27815


Walk In Winter Rostov - oil, canvas

Price: $770.00 USD
$ 770 USD

Product ID: 27814


Yard - oil, canvas

Price: $325.00 USD
$ 325 USD

Product ID: 27813


Water Is Gone - oil, canvas

Price: $1,620.00 USD
$ 1,620 USD

Product ID: 27812


Wood Lake - oil, canvas

Price: $365.00 USD
$ 365 USD

Product ID: 27120


May - oil, canvas

Price: $310.00 USD
$ 310 USD

Product ID: 27119


Village. September - oil, canvas

Price: $570.00 USD
$ 570 USD

Product ID: 27118


The Ob - oil, canvas

Price: $2,100.00 USD
$ 2,100 USD

Product ID: 27117


Maryina Gora - oil, canvas

Price: $1,555.00 USD
$ 1,555 USD

Product ID: 27116


Winter - oil, fireboard

Price: $945.00 USD
$ 945 USD

Product ID: 27115


Thaw - oil, cardboard

Price: $300.00 USD
$ 300 USD

Product ID: 27114


Grass - oil, cardboard

Price: $300.00 USD
$ 300 USD

Product ID: 27113


The Land Of Russian North - oil, canvas

Price: $1,690.00 USD
$ 1,690 USD

Product ID: 27112


Yard. Winter - oil, canvas

Price: $1,000.00 USD
$ 1,000 USD

Product ID: 27111


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