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Old Koshovka - oil, canvas
Romashko Evgeny

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Born in a small Siberian town in 1968.
Although I was a city boy,
I spent all summers in the countryside
where my parents took me.
The nature – life and unaffected,
not reflexive found the respond in my heart.



Perhaps, I could become a poet, nuclear physicist,
but because of some unknown for me reason,
I entered the Art College and the Art Academy.
And till now, I have been happy with it.
Each day I walk out and see the nature,
I become timid,
admire its mysteries and make wonderful discoveries.




Holy Thursday - oil, canvas on panel
Price upon request

Lilac - oil, canvas

Price: $1,755.00 USD
$ 1,755 USD

Product ID: 27515


Blue River - oil, canvas

Price: $1,620.00 USD
$ 1,620 USD

Product ID: 27514


Still Life With Lomonosov Porcelain - oil, canvas

Price: $3,240.00 USD
$ 3,240 USD

Product ID: 27513


Autumn In Izmailov Settlement - oil, canvas

Price: $3,240.00 USD
$ 3,240 USD

Product ID: 27512


Crimean Surf - oil, canvas

Price: $1,890.00 USD
$ 1,890 USD

Product ID: 27511


Red Fish - oil, canvas

Price: $1,350.00 USD
$ 1,350 USD

Product ID: 27510


Kolomenskoe. Spring - oil, canvas

Price: $2,430.00 USD
$ 2,430 USD

Product ID: 27509


Winter In Revda - oil, canvas

Price: $1,890.00 USD
$ 1,890 USD

Product ID: 27508


Its Getting Darker - oil, canvas

Price: $1,080.00 USD
$ 1,080 USD

Product ID: 27507


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