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Svetlana Ivanova
Svetlana Ivanova
Russian Masters'
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Svetlana Ivanova

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She was born in a village of Kostroma region, at the banks of the Volga river.
Modest, decent beauty of Russian nature influenced the style of this artist.
All her life this artist has been moving toward professionalism – Art School, then Art college.
Since 1988 Svetlana has been painting Russian souvenirs. 
The artist takes part in exhibitions and works with galleries.
Her works are housed in many countries of the world.

Well-known souvenirs out of Russia are matryoshka, Easter eggs.
The artist paints them in traditional manner.
Also orthodox and fairy-tale themes inspire Svetlana.
Each of her works is unique; she will not make the same work twice.




Virgin Of Pochaev - Easter egg
Price upon request

Virgin Mary Of Pochaev - Hand painted Easter Egg

Price: $4,345.00 USD
$ 4,345 USD

Product ID: 18183


Mother Of God It Is Truly Meet - Hand painted Easter Egg

Price: $4,345.00 USD
$ 4,345 USD

Product ID: 18182


The Virgin of Vladimir - Hand painted Easter Egg

Price: $4,345.00 USD
$ 4,345 USD

Product ID: 18162


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