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Svetlana Klunduk - icons.

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Svetlana Klunduk has been interested in icon painting since her youth.
To become a Master in this,
she studied works of old masters and icon painting techniques at art school and then at Gorky Art College.
Her other passion is open work birch bark carving with embossment.
The base of linden or mahogany seen through the lace of birch bark created unforgettable effects.
Then Svetlana decorated the bark with enamels, mother of pearls, stones, gold leaf, etc.
Usually there is a canon in icon painting which you have to follow,
but as for the decoration of the frame for the icon - here the fantasy of the artist is free.

Svetlana’s icons look festive, full of light and shine like heaven.

Creation of one icon is time consuming process.
From birch bark preparation to final decoration of the icon, it can take from one to few months.
Her icons follow the canon in painting and are approved by Orthodox Church.
Svetlana’s works are recognized by her unique frames and loved and admired by visitors and customers.

Svetlana makes both Orthodox and Catholic icons.


The Mother Of God Of "Tender Feeling" Serafimo-Diveevskaya - pine, cut out birch, oil, serpentine marble, amber

Price: $1,115.00 USD
$ 1,115 USD

Product ID: 21441


Saint Seraphim Of Sarov The Wonder Maker - pine, cut out birch, oil, serpentine marble, amber

Price: $1,115.00 USD
$ 1,115 USD

Product ID: 21440


Saint Guardian Angel - pine, cut out birch, oil, tempera, turquoise

Price: $825.00 USD
$ 825 USD

Product ID: 21439


The Mother Of God Of Korsun - pine, cut out birch, oil, turquise

Price: $1,155.00 USD
$ 1,155 USD

Product ID: 21438


Namesake icon
Price upon request

Michael Archangel - icon: birch bark, pine

Price: $870.00 USD
$ 870 USD

Product ID: 18259


Our Lady of Kazan-Kazan Mother of God - icon: birch bark, pine

Price: $2,000.00 USD
$ 2,000 USD

Product ID: 18258


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