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Akzhigitov Ildar
Akzhigitov Ildar
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Akzhigitov Ildar

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“I was born in Penza”, I reply to an old French woman.
She looks at me, tries to recall something, but she has never heard the name of such a city.
Few people know where it is situated.
Having a laugh at each other, silence is restored and I return to my sketch,
with her watching my work. The night in Cannes came.
It is beautiful by itself and I am making the sketch of the tower
on the top of the Suquet Mountain.
I am near the street lamp which changes the colors of the palette,
but I like the unpredictability of the result.
After so many years of studying,
I want some mischief with paints.

I started my studying early.
At the age of five, I went to my father’s workshop in the cellar and drew cars with felt pens
and was very upset when a felt pen dried and did not work anymore.

I think it was that time when I had my first desire to image
the illusion of the world on the flat sheet of paper.
It is the trick of the Creator.

Then I had to choose between Art School and soccer, and the Art won.
There was a trauma, which put a cross on my soccer and would have done it with art as well,
but I did manage to enter the Art College and thus entered the Art forever.   

I love Penza Art College, my “Alma Mater”;
this feeding mother will always be in my heart.
I am grateful to it, and will remember people who taught me.
Now I teach in it myself. 

After the college, I continued my education in Russian Academy of Painting,
Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Glazunov.
It was a serious but soulless place, like anything official.
But I am grateful to the Academy as well;
there are some good people in it.

After so many years of studying, I finally started painting with eager.

The old French woman has returned to her house and is looking at me out of the window.
And the southern night of Provence is gaining more power.
Stars become brighter, and lights in the port dimmer.
«Au revoir! », I say to the woman and take my way to the hotel,
holding the sketch of the tower on the Suquet Mountain.”

Ildar was born in Penza in 1984.
He graduated from Penza Art College with honor in 2004,
and in 2010 graduates from the Russian Academy of Painting,
Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Glazunov.
At present, he teaches painting in Penza Art College named after K. Savitsky.
He has been a member of Artist’s Union of Russia since 2012.
He and holds numerous exhibitions and participates in competitions and festivals. 




Summer Bouquet - oil, canvas

Price: $1,080.00 USD
$ 1,080 USD

Product ID: 26757


Budva - oil, canvas

Price: $1,350.00 USD
$ 1,350 USD

Product ID: 26756


Ice - oil, canvas

Price: $1,285.00 USD
$ 1,285 USD

Product ID: 26318


Citadel - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Windows. Venice - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Trinity Lavra Of St. Sergius - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Tarquinii - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Dusk - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Solovky. Noon - oil, canvas
Price upon request

North. Old Barn - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Provence - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Penelope - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Autumn - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Windows - oil, canvas
Price upon request

Nikolas The Wonder Maker - oil, canvas
This artwork is sold and in a private collection

Monastery Gates. Plyos - oil, cardboard

Price: $475.00 USD
$ 475 USD

Product ID: 19877


Spring Waters - oil, canvas

Price: $810.00 USD
$ 810 USD

Product ID: 19876


In Penza - oil, canvas

Price: $540.00 USD
$ 540 USD

Product ID: 19875


Past Grandeur - oil, canvas

Price: $1,215.00 USD
$ 1,215 USD

Product ID: 19874


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