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Ivanenko Michael
Ivanenko Michael
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"I want to paint!"



“If a human’s soul craves for a miracle,
create this miracle.
Then he will have a new soul,
and so will you.”

A. Grin. “Scarlett sails”





Michael is that very rare Artist who is the Artist each day, all 24 hours. 
Half a century ago, his mother, upon returning from work,
discovered Mishanya’s masterpieces on the wall papers.
“How come you have allowed this?”
she tried to reproach the nanny.
“But he wanted it!”
she answered with astonishment.
Each day with sunrise he, without disturbing anybody, decorated wallpapers,
if there was no pencil around - strawberry would do,
and a nail for the decorating the wardrobe.
When his Grandfather woke up,
the young Artist’s workshop moved on Granddaddy’s bald head.
Love of relatives, especially Mother,
considered all this as a gift.





Even at school a quiet boy Mishka had fun drawing
humorous sketches of classmates and shared them during the lessons.
Teacher’s complaints could not help.
Mother made a decision - if Misha wanted to draw,
let him do it, no matter when and where.  
And in the family there were no quarrels.
No raised tone of the voice.
There reigned Peace, Serenity and Love.
Perhaps, that is why Misha, when he grew up, remained an Artist.





How does he have time for everything?
He simply added "the 8th day of the week".
And in the workshop of the artists now there are children.
The children art studio has become the embodiment of the children’s dream of happiness.
Here the fairy tale comes true, and the reality comes
onto the paper and becomes a virtual one,
created by the laws of Beauty and Kindness.





He does not make up themes for his works. He lives in the world he creates.
He lives in a fairytale house (built by himself),
sleeps in a fairytale bed (as everything in his house made by himself too),
he even decorated his weights in his own way.

“If you save yourself, thousands will be saved around you”,
the Bible says.
The world of soul’s peace saved many people form the fuss.

And in 2003 five of his paintings represented Russia
in the international forum in Saint-Petersburg at a laser show.



The view out of the Master's house window








Still Life













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