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Spasenov Vitaliy
Spasenov Vitaliy
Russian Masters'
Telephone: Florida 904-688-0192
Telephone: Washington: 206-407-3356
Skype:Finita La Commedia

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Spasenov Vitaliy

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I was born in Yalta, 1961.
In 1983 I finished Penza Art College named after Savitsky.
I entered Moscow High Art College (former Stroganoff College) from which I graduated in 1993.
I am a member of Artist’s Union of the Ukraine.
My works are in private collection in many countries.
I live in Yalta and participate in exhibitions and creative trips.





Purple Autumn - oil, canvas

Price: $475.00 USD
$ 475 USD

Product ID: 21436


Roses - oil, canvas

Price: $945.00 USD
$ 945 USD

Product ID: 21435


Still Life With The Melon - oil, canvas

Price: $610.00 USD
$ 610 USD

Product ID: 21434


Kara-Dag - oil, canvas

Price: $340.00 USD
$ 340 USD

Product ID: 21433


Blossoming Almond - oil, canvas

Price: $430.00 USD
$ 430 USD

Product ID: 21268


Winter Walk - oil, canvas

Price: $370.00 USD
$ 370 USD

Product ID: 21267


Chekhov Street - oil, canvas

Price: $560.00 USD
$ 560 USD

Product ID: 21266


Spring - oil, canvas

Price: $560.00 USD
$ 560 USD

Product ID: 21265


Jasmine - oil, canvas

Price: $430.00 USD
$ 430 USD

Product ID: 21264


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